02 mars 2013

Who is the Best Violin Player in the World?

... The answer to this question is... Who knows? The fact of the matter is that once you reach a high enough level of ability in anything it becomes more a matter of opinion. ? There are many factors to consider when violin bow asking who is the best violin player in the world, such as technical ability, repertoire, composition, emotion, etc. ? One player who had all these abilities and more was Paganini who completely revolutionized violin playing. He invented and developed many new techniques and composed pieces that no one but himself could play. 30? In his thirty year career he did more for the violin than any other artist ever has. ? Paganini also had a much larger repertoire than most musicians today. ?0? Violinists before the 20th century were required to learn works of other composers as well as write their own music something which today's players do not do. ? Two of the best violin players in the world today are Joshua Bell and Itzhak Perlman. violin bow makers Joshua Bell was born in the United States and is the son of a psychologist and therapist. ? His mother is Jewish and his father Christian.

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